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Our Full Range of Commercial Electrical Build-Out Services

A functional electrical system is an essential element for any business. Whether you are opening a new commercial location or remodeling your existing one, you need an electrical contractor with the right experience. Colonial Electric has been working with businesses in the Baltimore and Annapolis, MD area, since 1970. Our skilled commercial electricians price themselves on professionalism, reliability, and going above and beyond the standard of service. Our company fulfills a broad array of electrical needs for small to mid-sized construction projects, including:

  • White Boxes – When a property owner wants to incorporate a new tenant into their property quickly, they will use a “white box” interior. This white box setup refers to a commercial space that does not include interior walls, paint, flooring, plumbing, or electrical work. At Colonial Electric, we install white box electrical needs. Tenants and property owners trust us to deliver the move-in ready electrical they need while working within their timeframe and budget. Whether we are wiring the entire space or bringing any existing electrical work up-to-code, we have a proven efficient process that works.
  • Retail/Restaurant Renovation – Restaurants need a steady, dependable flow of electricity for smooth operations. Everything from the freezers to the lighting at the tables needs to be functioning properly to give your customers the experience they deserve. Colonial Electric understands the electrical needs of the restaurant industry and adjusts our work to fit those needs. Our specialized teams of electrical contractors work hard to give your new or renovated restaurant appliances and systems reliable power and bring them up to code. We do wiring and circuitry for all kitchen prep area appliances. Our technicians ensure the outlets, lights, and exterior signage are safe and efficient. Our company designs wiring systems for specialized interior features like walk-in freezers, HVAC, water heaters, and more. As licensed, certified electrical contractors, we strive to make your electrical as functional, reliable, and eco-friendly as possible to save you more over time.
  • Small Commercial Buildings – Colonial Electric specializes in small commercial build-outs for business owners in the Baltimore and Annapolis, MD area. We come to your business at a time that works with your schedule to assess all electrical work and offer build-out and system renovation solutions that work with your budget. If you need new wiring, we can help. When you need maintenance work to bring your electrical up-to-code, our company has the knowledge. We install lighting, security systems, fire alarms, and more at affordable prices that match your budget.
  • Apartment Buildings – Apartment complexes must have working electrical systems. It is not only essential for the safety and comfort of your tenants; it is the law in Maryland. Colonial Electric customizes our electrical build-out work to match owner and tenant needs. Our techs ensure all the electrical system installations, wiring, panel boxes, and circuitry are complete and dependable, even before the space is available to renters. Whether the apartment is a new or existing space, our company strives for optimal safety, efficiency, and functionality at every residential complex.

Why Choose Colonial Electric for Your Build-Out?

For over 50 years, business owners, property managers, and real estate professionals have looked to us for expert electrical build-outs. Our company never cuts corners when it comes to system design and installation, and it shows in everything we do. Colonial Electric technicians stay up-to-date on all state and federal regulations to ensure your wiring is up to code the first time and works quickly to complete your project. As your trusted electrical contractor, we conduct the most thorough inspections to keep contractors on budget and deadline. We help you save more through advanced environmentally friendly electrical work for all your commercial systems.

Contact Colonial Electric for Superior Service

Your electrical build-out matters to your business. Faulty wiring can lead to delays, repair costs, lost profits, and headaches you do not need. Talk to the professionals at Colonial Electric and let us get your commercial electrical systems set up the right way, the first time, for your peace of mind. Call us today for your estimate.

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