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Colonial Electric Completes Home Inspection Corrections

Whether you are buying or selling a new house, you want to ensure it meets all building codes and all of its systems function properly, which is why part of the process involves a thorough home inspection. If the inspector highlights any repairs that must be made, trust Colonial Electric to complete home inspection corrections. We have a half-century’s worth of experience addressing all types of electrical issues for homeowners throughout the area. Common repairs needed after a home inspection include the correction of electrical bonding, fixes to broken or dysfunctional outlets, updates to smoke detectors, and more. Our professional electricians can handle whatever you need to increase the value of the home you are selling or provide peace of mind regarding the efficiency of a home you are buying. Call us today to learn more about our home inspection repair services.

We Handle All Types of Home Inspection Repairs

Complete home inspections may uncover issues that you would not have otherwise considered. A home is the most significant investment most people ever make, so you want to check all the boxes when doing so. If you are selling your house, you want to get every cent of value out of it. If you are buying a house, you want it to be in pristine shape so that you can live happily, comfortably, and maintenance-free for years. As a result, a home inspection is extraordinarily thorough. Once it is complete, trust the experts at Colonial Electric to perform all of the recommended home inspection repairs. Our specialties include:

Installing GFI for Kitchen or Bathroom Circuits

A ground fault circuit interrupter, or GFI, protects against electric shocks from household electrical devices and appliances. A GFI compares the input current to the output current of any outlet. Any difference indicates a leak, which could jolt you or your loved ones. But a GFI quickly cuts the power supply for any leaking devices, significantly reducing the risk of harm from errant currents. Colonial Electric can install GFIs in your kitchen or bathroom circuits to improve safety and energy efficiency.

Adding or Correcting Bonding

Building codes and regulations are in place to minimize any health risks associated with electricity. A home inspection may reveal issues with the electrical bonding in the house you are trying to buy or sell. Electrical bonding connects any metallic objects that are vulnerable to electrical faults to a grounding conductor. Our team can bond your electrical components to reduce the risk of electric shocks to anyone who touches two separate metal parts when there is a fault in the electrical installation. We can also bond non-electrical equipment that is adjacent to an electrical system – such as ventilation ducts, piping, and handrails – for added safety.

Repairing Dysfunctional or Broken Outlets

Electrical outlets are located in every room of your house. They help keep the lamp on your bedside table illuminated, the refrigerator in your kitchen cold, and the TV in your living room tuned to your favorite shows. But over time, electrical outlets can become dysfunctional. A proper home inspection will discover any outlets that require repairs, and our team of electricians will adeptly fix or replace them.

Smoke Detector Installation or Replacement

In 2018, Maryland instituted comprehensive regulations regarding household smoke detectors. Among the stipulations are a requirement that no alarm is older than 10 years, an alarm must be located on each level of any building, and one alarm must be in every “sleeping room” for homes built on or after January 1, 2013. Many homes do not satisfy these requirements, but Colonial Electric can quickly get them up to code so that they pass inspection. If you need a highly-trained electrician to install or merely replace the smoke detectors in your property, rely on our team.

Contact Colonial Electric for Home Inspection Repairs

Buying or selling a home is an exciting yet laborious process. On top of all the cleanings, home showings, and legal paperwork, you must complete a home inspection and repair any issues that it reveals. Home inspections safeguard the buyer and seller, but they often uncover concerns that you never had previously. However, they do not have to add to the already stressful process. Colonial Electric can handle all of the home inspection repairs related to electricity to lighten your load. Our expertise is unrivaled in the area, so you can be sure that we will rectify your issues quickly and efficiently. Whether you need outlet repairs, electrical bonding, smoke detector installation, or any other service, contact us today for a free estimate.

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