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Are you thinking about replacing your gas stove with a more modern electric range? Electric ranges carry a number of benefits over traditional gas stoves – they heat up more quickly, they cook food to more precise temperatures, they are easier to clean, they are much safer, etc.

One thing you will find, however, is that electric ranges are not strictly plug-and-play – they have to be installed by an electrician. Fortunately, this is no problem for the pros at Colonial Electric!

Why do you need an electrician for electric range wiring?

One of the key differences between large appliances and ordinary electronic devices is (obviously) the amount of power they require. As a result of the increased power draw, electric ranges use a 240v electrical supply instead of the normal 120v used by smaller appliances. Most 240v plugs have four-pronged outlets – 2 hot wires, 1 neutral wire and 1 ground wire. The problem with this is that before the National Electric Code was updated in 1996 to include four-pronged receptacles, many homes only had three pronged outlets.

Since the electric code didn’t require that homeowners upgrade their 240v receptacles, many homes still have three-pronged electrical outlets. While this isn’t always a problem (it’s still possible to buy three-pronged electric range plugs), many homeowners choose to upgrade their electric range wiring when they install a new electric range. That’s where we come in! At Colonial Electric, our Baltimore area electricians are pros at electric range wiring and electric range hookups and can upgrade your home’s wiring while we hook up your new range.

At Colonial Electric, our electric range wiring services are designed to meet your needs, no matter what you want to do with your existing wiring. Already have a four-pronged outlet? We can wire your electric range to it so you can get to cooking as soon as possible. Still have a three-pronged outlet but not ready to make the switch? That’s fine too! And of course, if you want to upgrade your home’s wiring with a four-pronged outlet for your electric range wiring, we can do that too.

While it is possible to do your electric range wiring on your own, it’s generally not advised. Electric range wiring can get complicated, and like any time you’re dealing with electricity, one wrong move can be extremely dangerous. Don’t take the risk – call Colonial Electric for your electric range wiring needs!

If you’re ready to hook up your electric range, call Colonial Electric today!

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